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remember the victims. >> another big story we are following, it's decision day. penn state is bracing itself for hits from the ncaa that will be harder than any on a football field. that announcement is expected in the next two hours. >> also this morning, still more fallout from mayor gray's 2010 campaign. the latest accusations of possible campaign allegations as fox 5 morning news at 7:00 starts right now. >> that's an interesting view outside. i think our camera is tinting the picture a bit. we will find out from tucker. this is monday. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> it's kind of different and pretty. >> in its own way. >> i'm allison seymour. welcome to monday morning. happy you are with us. >> let's go to tucker barnes. is that haze out there? >> i can't explain.
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i have no idea. looks like the surface to mars to me. let's get to the local numbers. we do have fog and mist across the area. you saw that in the live shot. it will be a hazy day, a hot afternoon with high temperatures expected to be back in the 90s. we had a break for a couple of days. temperatures back in the 90s later on this afternoon. 76 washington. 72 in baltimore. 74 ocean city and a little cooler here to our west. our friends in winchester. 70 to start your day. lots of humidity. dew point temperatures are in the low to mid-70s. a humid monday for us. we had a sprinkle or two overnight. nothing at the moment. we will likely see showers and storms redevelop later this afternoon. i think much of your day here, the next couple of hours will be dry. by mid- to late afternoon look out for the possibility of scattered storms. a few could be on the strong side a little later. monday, 93 washington. 90 annapolis.
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91 in warrenton. more of the same on the five- day. that will be coming up in a minute. let's do some traffic. lauren demarco is here. >> we had reports of debris in maryland past 198 in laurel. watch out for that. possibly an object on the road. if you are traveling the beltway outer look heavy from 95 to silver spring. university boulevard it does break free and things are better across the american legend bridge. lots of areas are with fog. reduced visibility near montrose, give yourself plenty of breaking distance. 66. we have the typical delays out of mow fast says through centreville and leaving route 50 it opens up. a nicer trip to the beltway. 95, 395 typical stretches of delays. you are slowing from the
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beltway off and on past duke street. that is a check of your fox 5 on-time traffic. tony, back to you. more on the movie moose say kerr coming -- massacre doming up but -- coming up but first breaking news in iraq. >> a wave of coordinated roadside bombings exploding cars and attacks killed 93 people and it's making today one of the deadliest days since united states forces pulled out. the leader of al-qaeda warned that it would retake areas where it was forced out of. this country is banding together with the community in aurora, colorado, to mourn the loss of 12 victims killed in the movie theater massacre. the accuser gets ready to make his first hearing in court today. >> reporter: james holmes will be arraigned in court this
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morning. he is expected to be charged with first-degree murder and could face the death penalty. there is no motive. sources say inside the suspect's booby trapped apartment they found a batman mask and poster. reporter: james holmes, the man suspected of shooting up a colorado movie theater is due to make his initial court appearance today. >> they will get a case filing, basic information to tell them what charges are appropriate and then the investigation will go on. >> reporter: police officials say holmes is not cooperating and some are left to wonder if he will be mentally competent to stand trial. >> they believe he is not competent to proceed he will get sent down to be evaluated at the state hospital. >> reporter: authorities say it could take months to determine a motive but one former police officer suspects holmes wanted to become a villain similar to one in the batman movies. >> i believe that he planned this for months and the fantasy was for him to take on the
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persona of the jocker. >> reporter: holmes allegedly clad in body armor carried an assault rifle, shotgun and handgun into a packed movie theater. he unloaded a hail of bullets hitting several people. the youngest victim to die, a 6- year-old girl. some suggest that holmes wanted his hayne just act to carry him into infamy. >> he came with body armor, throat protection, chest protection, he never intended to die. in his mind he has become the joker. >> reporter: while much of the focus has been on the suspected shooter, attention has turned to remembering the victims. president obama met with the victim's families yesterday and told them the nation mourns with them. hundreds gathered for a prayer vigil to remember those who died. and the 58 wounded. 24 people are in the hospital. the names of the victims killed were read one by one during the tear filled vigil. the mayor spoke of the community's strength to get
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through the tragedy. officials at the university of colorado medical campus where holmes was working on a ph.d are investigating whether he was able to get some of the has douse materials from there. he quit the program last month. >> all right. sherry, thank you. penn state removes joe paterno's statue. workers put up a blue tarp so no one could see them taking down the statue. paterno's family says just by removing the scandal won't help those at penn state. the ncaa will announce what kind of penalties it will issue against penn state. >> the sanctions will be announced at 9:00 this morning. sarah simmons is back in the studio with more. by all account these could be historic. >> they could be. the big question everybody wants to know the answer to,
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will the ncaa shut down penn state's football program altogether. that is what is the so-called death penalty. the limb anyone nation of the school's football program or it could be suspended for a full season. other penalties could be a $30 million fine or a ban from future bowl appearances. it comes after an internal probe found joe paterno and the school helped cover up allegations of jerry sandusky's sex abuse case. fans and alum are worried about what could be the outcome here. >> as a penn state grad p i am disappointed in penn state itself. it was one man that did this. i don't think they should punish the new football players. >> it has nothing to do with them but something needs to be happening for what happened. if it does come down on them, it will be unfortunate. you have to pay your consequences. >> what they are doing to the students and the football team is terrible. what they are doing to the people responsible is
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appropriate. >> the last time the ncaa imposed the death penalty is when the leads shut down the fmu football program for massive rules violations. the sanctions will be announced at a 9:00 a.m. press conference. we will bring you the complete coverage later on this morning on fox 5 morning news and on back to you. >> thank you. checking some of the other top stories now this monday morning, montgomery county police are on the hunt for a suspected man accused of stabbing a man and stealing his car. this happened around 2:30 this morning on frederick road in germantown. police believe the suspect and the man knew each other. they got in a fight that escalated into an assault. d.c. police are trying to track down the person accused of fatally stabbing a shop
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manager. hayes dennis was shot. he let a man into the shop to get some water. when the man came back out, he pulled out a large knife and demanded money. dennis gave him the $20 in his pocket. he tried to walk away and he was stabbed twice. the victim leaves behind seven children between the ages of 4 and 020. >> it's sad. a young man who never had a chance. he has two kids. the boys should be graduating by the end of the year and the girl is almost a year. they gear get a chance to see -- they never get a chance to see their graduation and all that. that hurts. that really hurts. >> police are trying to get surveillance video from the area. we continue to follow a developing story. d.c. mayor's vincent gray's campaign is facing more accusations of possible
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violences. according to the "washington post" the gray campaign kept a database of nearly 6,000 public housing residents. they were targeted to get out the vote in 2010. the use of such a list could violate several laws and regulations including the use of government resources for political purposes. at this point it's unclear who assembled that list. mayor gray denies nothing about the database. still ahead, a head's up for ride on passengers. what you need to know about today's commute. a horrific seen on a texas highway. a pickup truck loses control killing nearly a dozen. we have the latest on that situation. as president obama meets with survivors of the colorado massive shooting, some in the nation's capital debate the gun laws. we will take a closer look. >> a live look outside. traffic is not too bad in that spot on the beltway. lauren demarco will be here to tell us what is happening
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across the area. ♪
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making headlines, a tragic accident in south texas involving 23 people. around 7:00 a pickup truck left the highway and crashed into trees killing 11 people including children. now, police say all of the victims were in the same ford f 250 pickup. we are told some of the survivors have life-threatening injuries. take a look at this. mass chaos outside a california police department last night. protestors burst into police headquarters in anaheim as the chief held a news conference to discuss a deadly hooting of an man the night before. the crowds threw rocks and bottles at police. five people were arrested. the two officers involved were
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placed on routine administrative leave. a king's do mine john roller coaster is closed. crews responded to the dominator and treated the guest that was transported to a nearby hospital. it opened in 2008 at the park in hanover county, virginia. it lasts just over two minutes and reaches a top speed of 67 miles per hour. while inspectors found no operational concerns it will undergo an additional safety inspection. it is expected to reopen soon. we had a lot of clouds over the weekend. the sun burst out yesterday afternoon. i had the opportunity to be at the nats game. it was great. they looked good. but when the sun came out, the temperature started to go up. >> humidity is back. >> more of the same today. temperatures will be a nice eight to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. lots of haze and humidity. we can't seem to keep back the humidity the last couple of days. it's with us this morning.
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fog in spots. 76 in washington. there is the humidity. 91%. winds are out of the south and west here at 6. i mentioned the warmer temperatures. highs in the low 90s. a mix of clouds. periods of sunshine expected for your monday. the possibility of scattered storms later today. scattered thunderstorms. some of them could be on the strong side as we will have plenty of heat and humidity. plenty of fuel for the storms. be ready for that as a possibility. again, 30, 40% you will see one. cloudy skies to start the morning. partly sunny midday. possibility of a late storm. 92. we will do it tomorrow. as we get into tomorrow, a cold front will approach from the north and west and kick off a few more storms with temperatures in the 90s. wednesday best day of the week. upper 80s. low humidity. then the heat and humidity will return for the end of the week. >> with all these rainy days, not a lot of pool time.
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>> the best of the heat but none of the pleasure part of it. >> it has been difficult. >> all right. julie wright is off somewhere enjoying the heat but lauren demarco has the traffic. >> even on the hot days it's like you can't get to the pool. you have to stay inside in the air-conditioning. tucker, make a deal, we need moderate temperatures. >> i will work on that lauren. >> get on that. let's take a look at delays inbound 295, heavy and slow from well before malcolm x up to the 11 street bridge where there is a major accident. you can see delays across the dulles bridge at 13 miles per hour. and up to the right, that is pennsylvania avenue inbound, heavy and slow. as we head to traffic land, we can see some of those he delays there. that is pennsylvania avenue to head over the bridge and on to the freeway. everybody is backed up. big delays heading westbound or inbound this morning from that
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area. let's take a look at the beltway. traveling the outer loop to the right of your screen, outer loop past van doran, that's where things break through and a smoother trip across the bridge. you will be slow on the outer loop from 95 to college park past new hampshire avenue, typical delay past university boulevard. 270 we are dealing with the fog. reduced visibility. give yourself plenty of breaking distance. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. allison? >> thanks. a commuter alert for those of you traveling in montgomery county. today and tomorrow, ride on buses will be on a modified holiday schedule as a result of last week's bus fire. it was the 7th fire in the last three years involving buses made by champion international. the system has been ordered to take all champion buses out of service. the company hopes to resume the normal weekday schedule come wednesday.
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major announcement that could have a huge impact on transit. ray lahood has scheduled a news conference for later this morning. he is expected to address funding for hundreds of projects in 48 states as well as the district and in puerto rico. president obama spent yesterday visiting those injured in friday's colorado mass shooting. he met with family members of those killed. >> here in washington, the tragedy reignites the debate over how much gun control is good for the nation. fox's nicole collins has the latest from capital. >> the federal assault weapons ban expired in 2004. now the mass shooting in colorado has some calling for it to be reinstated. with politics on hold, president obama met with survivors and family members of those lost in the rampage that killed 12 and injured 58. in this white house photo, the president hugged stephanie davies who helped keep her
7:20 am
friend alive after she was shot. >> i come to them not so much as president as i do as a father and as a husband. >> the president did not attend a vigil for the victims of the tragedy that pulled to a screeching halt a contentious presidential campaign. mitt romney said the president's visit was the right thing to do. but the shooting leaves many wondering about the right thing to do concerning gun laws especially since james holmes legally purchased an assault rifle and 100 round machine clip. >> we have to sit down and come to grips with what is sold to the average citizen in america. these are weapons that you are only going to use them to kill people in close combat. >> reporter: gun rights advocates say limiting what people can buy is an issue of yourself rights.
7:21 am
>> this is a tragedy. i don't think there is a solution in washington to solve this problem. >> reporter: president obama is back on the campaign trail today starting a west coast tour of fundraisers and official travel. the white house press secretary said friday no new policies will be offered as a result of the shooting. in washington, nicole collins, fox news. it is a monday morning. still ahead, struggling to make your house payment and you need help? how you can get free advice today. plus, should all children get tested for high cholesterol? that is a growing debate. owing hi parents, big year for spelling.
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housing counseling services wants you to avoid foreclosure. they will hold a clinic at 4:30 in the afternoon. they will help struggling homeowners identify options and services available to them and give advice on how to avoid predatory lenders and foreclosure rescue scams. you will have the chance to meet individually with housing counselors. it is being held at the city of alexandria office of housing. a ground beef recall to tell you about, allison. >> this morning cargill beef is recalling 30,000 pounds of its 85% of its lean ground beef because it may contain salmonella. it was produced in pennsylvania and sold at an any ford supermarkets the packages have
7:26 am
use or sell by dates. doctors are debating whether all children should get tested for high cholesterol. this comes months after a panel recommended widespread screening. they say it was influenced by panel members that have ties to drugmakers. others are concerned about putting children on medicine that that has been linked to a rare muscle damaging condition in adults. >> how about making the kids eat better. 26 minutes after 7:00 on this monday morning. the nats wrap up a weekend series with the braves. how did they do? sports is next. >> educating people about a growing problem in the district, hiv. ♪
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i've never felt this way before, but it's a scary time to be a woman. mitt romney is just so out of touch. [ female announcer ] mitt romney opposes requiring insurance coverage for contraception. and romney supports overturning roe versus wade. romney backed a bill that outlaws all abortion, even in cases of rape and incest. there's so much we need to do. we need to attack our problems -- not a woman's choice. [ obama ] i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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welcome back. in sports the nats wrapped up their series with the braves. ryan zimmerman continued his hot hitting with a two-run homer in the first.
7:30 am
the next at bat, he would do it again, this time it was the left field man. ross detweiler pitched seven strong innings. they face new york tonight. the orioles in cleveland. j.j. hardy blasted a two-run homer. the o's lead by three in the ninth but cleveland mounted a come back. jim johnson shut the door and got the final out. baltimore wins 4-3 and completes the three-game sweep. yeah. how about this, the nats split the series. the braves are a good team. that is good to come out of that split and they lost no ground to the braves because of that. >> after the big game friday when they had the big game and lost it, good they came back. >> to watch them play, this is really something in washington to have a good baseball team. they are playing at the top of their game, really great. >> you metioned you took
7:31 am
connor. >> it was his first major league game. he had a ball. he really did. >> okay. >> good stuff. >> that's where it starts. that memory you made won't leave. >> you have to get the girls going. >> we passed it saturday. it was lit up. >> it's an attitude this year. >> all right, sir. today they will be in new york. muggy going to the game. >> some do. >> people travel. >> not i. >> around here 90s for high temperatures. if you can play baseball it will be hazy, hot and humid. could be strong storms late, 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 a possible of thunderstorm activity redeveloping. some of the storms could dump heavy rain, issues with winds gusting. lots of humidity. dew points in the 70s. 73 is the current dew point. that measures how much water is in the atmosphere. you will feel it when you step
7:32 am
out. beautiful by wednesday. highs in the 80s. much less humidity behind a cold front which will move in tomorrow afternoon. temperatures, i mentioned the humidity, we are warm. 77 washington. 72 this morning in gaithersburg. 72 baltimore. leonardtown, good morning, you are 73. 73 fredricksburg. warmer dan than yesterday. the temperatures were held down because of the cloud cover and rain. today will be about 10 degrees warmer. noticeably warmer today as well as hazy, hot and humid. not a lot to show you. area of high pressure that brought us the sunshine yesterday afternoon pushed off the coast. winds are out of the south. we are getting moisture in here. we have a front to the north and west that will sneak in here tomorrow. up ahead of it, an upper piece of level energy to kick off storms. the big front tomorrow will cool us down wednesday. something to look forward to. a mix of sun and clouds.
7:33 am
partthis afternoon. scattered storms redeveloping. 93 the daytime high. could be an early shower or storm tonight. mostly cloudy overnight. the showers will dissipate without the daytime heating. five-day forecast, the chance of additional showers and storms tomorrow with highs in the low 90s. wednesday 89, low humidity. we bounce around a bit. nothing too extreme with highs about 90 thursday and friday. that's a look at weather. let's check traffic and who is going to work on this summertime day. >> tony has been talking about areas of volume that we are seeing because of the summer traffic patterns, of course. we do have trouble spots and i want to highlight those. 295 northbound heavy and slow approaching the douglas bridge and 11th street bridge. we have delays prior to the 11th street bridge. we had reports of an accident. it was confirmed. northbound d.c. 295 watch for
7:34 am
he delays. let's get a look at traffic land. trafficking the beltway in montgomery county, heavy and slow college park past silver spring, typical delay. southbound 270, reduced visibility. a lot of fog in the rockville area to the split in bethesda. beltway in virginia, delays on the outer loop past van doran to eisenhower. inner loop slowing to get to gallows road. 66 heavy to manassas and fair oaks. >> thank you, lauren. less than 24 hours ago more than a thousand people rallied and marred from the washington monument for the global aids conference. it kicked off a six day conference. on the national mall they laid out the memorial aids quilt in honor of those that died from the disorder. it featured performers and
7:35 am
speakers like the reverend al sharpton. >> reporter: nearly three decades after it convened its first public forum, they are hosting another community meeting. joining us to talk about what changed and what hasn't is chip haines. before we get to the forum, the -- not the forum but the big conference is being held in washington, d.c. first time in the u.s. in many years. talk about the signature investigate cans happening here. >> the first time it's being held in the u.s. since the travel ban was lifted by president obama a few years ago. a significant moment because it brings together 25,000 people from around the world to share information about what is going on in hiv aids research and treatment. since it's here in d.c., it let's us focus the world's attention in the district of columbia. >> that's something we have been doing the last week or so
7:36 am
drawing attention to what is happening in the district. the forum that you are having, first one was 29 years ago. tell us what is happening at this forum and why people should come out. >> there is a lot of encouraging news about hiv in the last few months. we wanted a forum in conjunction with the national aids conference to let the community know what is going on with the epidemic to make sense of the news coming out lately. 29 years ago we didn't have a lot to tell people. the first one we had, there was no test, no treatment, very little information. >> a lot of fear. people were dying and dying quickly and horribly. today it's a different story. the news has been so encouraging that people are talking about maybe there is a light at the end of the tunnel. we wanted to have a forum to let the community find out what is going on and how optimistic that hope is. >> i want to put the information up on screen again.
7:37 am
the forum is at listener auditorium. >> it's free. we encourage people to register in advance. we have a limited number of seats available. but people can just show up and see the forum. >> there are a lot of good stories in terms of the treatment of aids and people living long healthy productive lives and all of that. in the district, we are having serious problems in terms of the new infections and the like. why are we having that problem? where is the disconnect. >> in the district, the latest numbers a couple of weeks ago, there is improvement. we saw a drop in the number of new infections in the city. we saw a drop in the number of aids related deaths in the city. they are too high. we are looking at two new hiv infections in the city every day. doesn't seem like a lot but over the years that adds up quickly. we believe 4 or 5,000 people in the district don't know they
7:38 am
have hiv. so it's a disconnect caused by some stigma. 30 years into this, people are surprised at the stigma around hiv. it keeps people from getting tested, getting into treatment. they won't disclose to family and friends. they don't want them to see the pill bottles in their house and it keeps them not only from getting treatment but they get treatment from staying in treatment. that's important. once you go on the treatment you are on it for life. you have to stick to it. that is a big challenge making sure that people really protect their health. >> folks can get the information at the forum at lisner auditorium at 7:00 p.m. >> thanks, tony. monday morning. still ahead, new details in the search for two missing cousins in iowa. and a bizarre story involving
7:39 am
michael jackson's mother. she was reported missing over the weekend leaving many to wonder if her disappearance was part of a family dispute.
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7:42 am
making headlines, the suspect in the colorado movie massacre will make his first court appearance today. officials say james holmes is not cooperating and say it could take months to learn what prompted friday's attack. authorities are looking into whether holmes used hits position in a graduate program to collect hazardous material. as the search continues for two missing iowa cousins, authorities announced new information. they believe the girls are still alive and have classified the case as an abduction. the girls were last scene riding their bikes july 13th near a lake. investigators are asking for witnesses to come forward. they are not, however, receiving full cooperation from the family. the parents of one of the girls who both have criminal past say they are taking legal advice and will not allow the police to interrogate them any
7:43 am
further. it appears michael jackson's mother is not missing after all. the king of pop's mother jermaine tweeted that she is safe and resting on doctor's advice with his sister reby in arizona. katherine was reported missing saturday. now michael jackson's daughter paris tweeted about her missing grandmother. police have not confirmed her exact whereabouts. >> i don't know what is going on there but it's a strange story. that is the latest. there was something about a letter or money. >> yeah, all right. >> it's unfortunate that the legacy has to be marred. >> i will take a pass on the whole subject. >> smart. tell us what is happening with the weather. >> temperatures are in the 70s. our dew point temperatures are in the 70s, too. that combination does not make for a very pleasant start to the day. a little fog out there. a lot of fog in a few spots.
7:44 am
be ready for that. 76 washington. 72 baltimore. 70 winchester and hagerstown. 75 ocean city. futurecast, starting the day with cloud cover. i will see periods of sunshine today. it will be one of those partly to mostly cloudy skies. it should be warmer with highs in the 90s. we aren't expecting shower activity later this morning but by late afternoon scattered storms will redevelop and a few of those if they can hold themselves together could likely or could be on the strong side with damaging winds and heavy downpours. be ready for that possibility. we will quiet it down and do it tomorrow before things gradually improve by wednesday. wednesday looks like a nice day with temperatures in the 80s and noticeably less humidity for a day. only a day. >> all right.
7:45 am
>> let's go to lauren demarco. >> at least we have one, one good day. >> we will take it. >> okay. >> listen. i want to talk about maryland. we have reports of an accident southbound 270. a live look from traffic land making the terrific from rockville. i am not seeing it on the camera. it was reported prior to montrose. we can see fog in the area. reduced visibility. give yourself plenty of breaking distance and be careful there may be an accident in that stretch prior to montrose road. it looks like everybody is moving okay down to the split in bethesda. the outer loop is slow from 35 college park into silver spring. typical stretch there. also seeing heavy and slow traffic northbound d.c. 295 up to the 11th street bridge where we had an earlier wreck and suitland parkway to the douglas bridge. 35, 395 no incidents reported
7:46 am
for you. 66 out of manassas to centreville and route 50 at fair oaks. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. a group of veterans are leaving on a cross country ride. two riders are blind. the group is at the hotel in arlington for their journey called sea to shining sea. the goal is not only to motivate other wounded veterans but encourage anyone with disability. we wish them luck. still ahead, celebrating ramadan. >> melanie has more on this special month for millions of muslims worldwide. melanie? >> imagine this, no eating or drinking from sun up to sundown and that includes no caffeine. i don't know a lot of people that could make it but 300,000 muslims are supporting each other through it as they celebrate this holy month of ramadan. they will learn about their
7:47 am
traditions. we will talk in a few minutes to the people at the all dulles area muslim society about the traditions and customs and how they incorporate community service into their religious observations coming up. ns comi >> time for our facebook fan of the day. we say good morning to john and his daughter decked out in matching pittsburgh steeleers jerseys. thanks for waking up with us. i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
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this award is especially an extreme honor. it really is a true testament
7:51 am
to all the support you guys have given us over the years. >> a heartfelt -- >> so well deserved. >> a heartfelt thank you from the stars of the twilight saga as they accepted their surf board during the teen choice awards. the supernatural franchise won the award adding to their collection. since 2008 twilight has won 48 teen choice awards. the other big winners included, you guessed it, justin bieber, taylor swift and the "hunger games" star, one of them, josh hutcher son. >> and it was selena gomez's birthday. >> did justin give it to her. >> i don't know. >> what is so funny about it? >> i don't know. >> can you read this, please. >> it's a sacred time for more than a billion muslims around the world. it's ramadan. what is it all about? >> this morning we are getting
7:52 am
a lesson on the muslim holy month and how muslims connect spiritually to the gift -- to the spirit rather of giving. melanie alnwick -- i cannot talk this morning. she is in sterling virginia. >> you need a little caffeine, tony. it may help you out. if you are celebrating ramadan, caffeine is one of the no nos, one of the things you will be ab staining from during the entire month. we are here at the all area dulles muslim society, a community of about 6,000 families in the washington, d.c. area. i am learning about ramadan. we are going straight to the experts, straight to the source. with me i have imam here. i know it's tough. what is the shorthand version. >> it is the holy month in the muslim calendar where muslims abstain from food and drink from sunset to dawn but also we
7:53 am
[inaudible] also muslims open their homes for other friends and other people to come to the home like myself and our wife that open our home to our neighbors to breakfast with us. but at night before the morning prayer that people will eat what they call sohor. >> they eat the immediately before dawn. >> 3:00, 4-7b8g. >> people get up awfully early. >> and they pray late at night, 12:00 at night, take a nap. then at 3:00, 4:00 they start eating. the immediately is not heavy as you can see. sometimes it's a plate of
7:54 am
fruit. then by the dawn, which is about 4:28, they stop eating until sunset which is about 8:30. >> so, why do they do this? >> ramadan we learn how to control oneself. the month is a month of reflection, of giving and when muslims -- they feel how other people who fast every day, they don't know where the next meal is coming from, people who are homeless, people around the world who have been going through difficult times. therefore in the month of ramadan, we are encouraged to give and share our meal and we have a program in the herndon area, herndon without hunger where the muslim community offer to feed and to share their food with the larger community. >> i think a lot of people don't realize that. they think of ramadan and the
7:55 am
muslim community and don't realize how active it is in charitable works in the washington, d.c. area. and we are going to talk also -- explain to me how the community does outreach during ramadan. >> during ramadan, the community is encouraged to do charity. there is a lot of ways that we can do that. islamic relief which you will hear more about later, a day of dignity where they provide food and those in need at homeless shelters around the area. the adams center, we have a regular monthly feed the hungry program where we provide food for seven shelters in the local area as well as homeless in washington, d.c. in addition, we provide food and -- to the senior citizens homes in the area as well. >> we he will talk more in the next segment there is an element of celebration. we have video to show of the prayer and quickly tell me about there is this month of fasting but a big celebration at the end. >> so, in the area, there are
7:56 am
over 65 mosques in the washington, d.c. area. after the end of the month of ramadan, there is a celebration. we get together in a large space, sometimes at the washington, d.c. convention center. we have communal prayers where families come together dressed in their sunday best and colorful clothing and come to pray and there is a sermon and we have a carnival like atmosphere, moon dances, cotton candy. what you would expect at the end of a long month of dedication, we come to celebrate the accomplishments. >> sounds like an all american tradition incorporated into the muslim society. in the next segment, we will talk about the service and talking about incorporating american traditions and ideals. the largest muslim boy scout troop is based here and the girl scouts as well at the all dulles area muslim society. we will introduce you to some of those kids when we come back in the next segment. >> thank you so much.
7:57 am
at 8:00 the latest on the colorado movie theater massacre as the suspected gunman gets set for his first court appearance. the next generation of track and field stars. [ male announcer ] where did all the obama stimulus money go?
7:58 am
friends, donors, campaign supporters, special interest groups where did the obama stimulus money go? solyndra: 500 million taxpayer dollars. bankrupt. so where did the obama stimulus money go? windmills from china. electric cars from finland 79% of the 2.1 billion in stimulus grants awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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8:00 am
what it would be to have somebody taken from us that we love in this fashion. >> the nation standing behind those that lost loved ones in the shooting rampage at a colorado movie theater. president obama meeting face to face with survivors and victims families this weekend as a community gathers together in mourning. at penn state a statue of joe paterno taken down. just under an hour from now the storied football program will learn its fate that they
8:01 am
ignored allegations of child sex abuse from jerry sandusky. when it comes for saving for retirement there is room for improvement. key things the savviest investors may miss. good morning, i'm tony perkins. >> i'm allison seymour. happy you are with us today. >> tucker barnes is with us as well to tell us about steamy conditions again returning. >> yeah, they are back. a lot of humidity this morning. we will be warm and humid this afternoon. could be scattered storms returning. so, yeah. >> i must set the record straight. >> plus do. >> so i will not be miss characterized. >> i don't want the rain for a couple of days. i don't mind the heat and humidity. i expect that. but the rain puts a damper on going out and doing anything. >> we need the rain. >> see -- >> allison just wants cool weather to return. >> yeah. enjoy the summer. >> everyone understands that. >> today will be marginally good for the pool. let's go to the maps. i get a minute and i've now
8:02 am
talked for two. >> we are talking about the weather. >> i feel like we could talk about it for an hour. 75 in ocean city. it's humid. dew points are in the low to mid-70s. that does not make for a comfortable start. there is the satellite and radar. a mix of clouds and sunshine to start the day. it's warm and hazy. a lot of clouds to the west. they will start to roll in later. so, by this afternoon, mostly cloudy and we could see a few embedded thunderstorms in the clouds and, again, the temperatures will be in the 90s later today. a warmer day than what we had this weekend. 93 in washington. 90 annapolis. 93 front royal. scattered storms are a possibility after 3:00 p.m. >> okay. we are in the pattern again today. thank you. >> thank you, much. >> lauren demarco has the latest on the rush hour traffic. >> good morning, guys. we are seeing traffic for folks heading inbound into d.c. let's take a live look.
8:03 am
folks are updating the smartphone app and we can take a look at that and what is being record. inbound 50 near bladensburg an accident in the slow lane. watch out for that. 25 miles per hour. that is how fast folks are traveling there. also heavy traffic pennsylvania avenue and if we move on to traffic land, we got a live look as you travel suitland parkway to south capitol street. heavy there, a bit of volume. slowing approaching the 11th street bridge off and on. heavy and slow springfield up to gallows road. just volume, no incidents. 95 and 395 looking good at this hour. beltway in maryland seeing the typical delay from the 35, college park into silver spring. delays southbound from 212. 270 we had reports of an accident near montrose off on
8:04 am
the left shoulder. not this camera angel. not much in the way of delays. that's a check of the fox 5 on- time traffic. over to tony. >> thank you very much. we will have the latest on friday's movie theater shooting but breaking news out of iraq at this hour. the death toll from a wave of bombings and suicide attacks across the country is up to 93. that makes it the most violent day of the year. there were car bombings and shootings in several cities. a few days ago al-qaeda in iraq warned it was reorganizing in areas where u.s. troops forced them out. in other news we continue with our on going coverage of the movie theater massacre in aurora, colorado. >> this morning the suspected gunman suspected of killing a dozen people during a midnight showing of the new batman movie will make his first public appearance in court. sherri ly is in the newsroom with the latest. good morning.
8:05 am
>> good morning, allison and tony. the suspect, james holmes will be in court for an arraignment. police say he has lawyered up with a public defender and is no longer cooperating. holmes is expected to be charged with first-degree murder. investigators say it could be months before we learn a motive. holmes is in solitary confinement in the mass shooting that killed 12 people. yesterday president obama met with the victim's families to comfort and console them. >> when you have an opportunity to visit with families that have lost their loved ones as i described, i come to them not so much as president as i do as a father and as a husband. and i think the reason stories like this have an impact on us is because we can all understand what it would be to have somebody that we love taken from us in this fashion.
8:06 am
>> police finish clearing holmes booby trapped apartment yesterday but people have not been allowed to return except to redrive personal items. the university of colorado is looking into whether hazardous chemicals found in the apartment came from the medical campus where he had been working on a ph.d. as the investigation continues, attention turned to remembering the victims over the weekend. thousands came together to pray and help the community heal from this tragedy. >> reporter: hundreds gathered in aurora, colorado, to honor and pray for the 12 people killed at a movie theater killed friday night. >> jessica gwahi. veronica sullivan. alexander j.bork, jonathan t.
8:07 am
blink. alex m sullivan. makal ahmed dick. gordon w.kodin. >> reporter: the victims range in age from 6 -- 6 to 51. united in tragedy, their death has united the community. >> we will remember you. we will on for you by celebrating life. we will on for you by living our lives a little better. >> reporter: mayor steve hogan reminding the community of their vigil and strength and resolve. >> it's not this senseless act of violence that marks us as a community. it's the lives and acts of these heros and the innumberrable acts of kindness, love and care for our neighbors that defines who we are. >> today's arraignment is scheduled for 9:30 in colorado,
8:08 am
11:30 a.m. here. holmes is expected to be asked if he understands the charges he faces. the district attorney has not said yet whether he would seek the death penalty. allison? >> sherri ly live in the newsroom. thank you. president barack obama and g.o.p. presidential nominee, presumptive nominee mitt romney put aside political differences coming together in support of the families that lost loved ones. during a fundraiser in san francisco, mitt romney praised the president for the way he responded to the tragedy. >> i know the president is in colorado today before he will be here in san francisco. he is visiting with families of the victims which is the right thing for the president to be doing on this day and appreciate that. i will note that my remarks today will not be as partisan as normal. instead i will talk about my vision for the country in part keeping with the seriousness and the thoughts of the day. >> president obama's campaign
8:09 am
says they will keep negative ads off the airways in colorado for the rest of the week. romney's campaign says they will be down the rest of today. we are waiting for the ncaa punishment against penn state later this morning. just as the school removes joe paterno's statue outside the football stadium. workers blocked by a blue tarp took it down yesterday as ut 100 students watched. students, fans and alumni have mixed feelings. >> i agree that it's right for it to be moved. i think it should have been done publicly so everyone could see, have the process of healing in mind. >> they did the crime. they have them locked up. joepa can't defend himself. let him rest in peace. >> the past of the ncaa and others are announcing the sanctions against penn state later this morning. we will bring it to you live and follow it with a live
8:10 am
analysis. in the meantime, a scandal is brewing at home. "the washington post" is reporting that major vince gray's campaign kept a data pays of 6,000 public housing residents. it could violate authorized use for political purposes. mayor gray has denied nothing about this database. and new this morning, an update on the -- pardon me, a deadly accident in southern texas. the driver of a pickup truck loaded with passengers drove off the road and hit two trees about 100 miles southeast of san antonio. at least 11 people were killed, 12 others injured. several are in critical condition. the border patrol is looking into whether the victims are illegal immigrants. closer to home, montgomery county police are on the hunt for a suspect accused of stabbing a man and stealing his
8:11 am
car. this happened around 2:30 on frederick road in germantown. police believe the suspect and the victim new each other. they say the two got in a verbal altercation that escalated into an assault. police say they know the identity of the suspect. d.c. police are trying to track down the person accused of fatally stabbing a shop manager. 60-year-old hayes dennis was killed during a robbery near his cab repair shop on q street. police say dennis let a man into the shop to get water. when the man came back out, he pulled a large knife and demanded money. dennis gave limb the $20 in his pocket and tried to walk away. police say that is when he was stabbed twice. the victim leaves behind seven children between the ages of 4 and 20. monday morning. coming up next, details on a commuter alert in montgomery county impacting the area today and tomorrow. >> later ways to improve your
8:12 am
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making headlines, prince george's county police need your help finding a missing man. he lives in oxon hill, maryland. he was last seen around 8:00 yesterday morning when he dropped off his wife at washington hospital center in northeast d.c. he drives a 2006 chevy trailblazer with maryland tags. cooper has dementia and high blood pressure. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a house deck to collapse in loudoun county, yesterday afternoon at a home in the 14,000 block of loyalty road. 12 people were on the deck at the time. four had to go to the hospital. none of the injuries are considered life threatening. a commuter alert in
8:16 am
monticello montgomery county. the -- montgomery county. the ride on bus system will be on a modified schedule. another ride on bus caught fire. it was the 7th fire in the last three years involving buses made by champion international. the system has been ordered to take all champion buses out of service and they have done that. >> all right. it's 8:16. a pause from the bad news of the day to have a little hope. >> we need it. >> tucker barnes is here with that. >> good morning, everybody. time for my first 5 photo of the day and the cute necessary factor. let's do it. there we go. >> six-month-old skylar riley. >> pretty name. >> yes, it is. >> her parents tell us that they wake up to fox 5 and a honey bun every morning.
8:17 am
>> i know it. she is a honey bun. >> i would think so. >> she is delicious. >> she looks like a version of one of our directors connie. >> you think so? >> yeah. >> connie grew up to be a lovely woman. so, there you go, skylar. >> i love the sunglasses. >> she is so cute. she is talking about something. she is got something on her mind. [baby talk]. >> she is probably commending on something that tony said. >> it will be a bright day, hazy and humid and hot day with temperatures near 90. 78 in washington. humidity up 84%. winds are out of the south south and west at 7 miles per hour. looking at radar, quiet at the moment. a few showers in western maryland and increasing chance this afternoon that we could see some scattered storms around here. i don't think the entire area
8:18 am
will get them but the possibility of scattered storms later this afternoon. you see the flow out of the north and west. showers out to cleveland and to the great lakes. some of that activity will get in here later this afternoon. up ahead of it, a warm and humid day with temperatures in the low 90s for afternoon highs. scattered storms this afternoon. a few could be strong. are you ready for that? we will do it again with a cold front. high temperatures in the low 90s. wednesday looks great, upper 80s. lower humidity. thursday and friday highs in the upper 80s and low 90s. that's weather. let's do traffic. lauren demarco has the latest. i guess people are going to work. >> wednesday is the day. wait for wednesday to hit the pool. if you are going to work and you ride the rails, pen line delays due to switch and signal problems. check the web site for those alerts. let's head on to a live look outside. this is 95 in maryland
8:19 am
approaching the beltway. southbound traffic leaving 212. good news because we had reports of spillover delays, looks like that is not the case. you are in the all clear. let's take a look at the beltway from traffic land, heavy and slow from 95 college park past investigate avenue. we are seeing i am -- past new hampshire avenue. ' 66 brief off and on the brakes toward 128. i want to mention in arlington, south courthouse road is closed between columbia pike and sixth because of work on a water main. beltway, inner loop heavy and slow from the mixing bowl up to gallows. no accidents reported. 395 on the brakes across the 14th street bridge. no issues. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. over to you. even if you are satisfied with your investment portfolio, you may be overlooking areas
8:20 am
that could prove costly later. joining us now with some of the most common mistakes that investors make is larry rosenthal. he is the president of rosenthal wealth management group. good to have you here kind of because you remind us what we are not doing. you have a good list this time. you said the bottom line is what, larry. >> it's all about cash flow in retirement. >> you pass along a sobering sticks statistic. you say it will take $200,000 to pay for your meals. >> that is without inflation. stop and think about the stuff that goes in the household budget and you retire 20, 30, 35 years in retirement. a lot of food and utility bills. those are the tips that we are bringing. >> these are good ones. these are the top mistakes investors make. you don't factor in inflation. >> absolutely. the cost of purchasing power is
8:21 am
key in retirement years. if you take a dollar into the grocery store today and you buy a loaf of bread and you get 15 slices and three or four years from now you may only get 11 slices. you have to make sure that your dollar out passes inflation. >> pardon my ignorance. is there a way to no? you look at it costs 25 cents to buy a loaf of bread in 1940. is there a way of knowing or figuring what it will be 20 years from now for that same loaf of bread. >> kind of. there are charts and formulas but each year you have to assess your investments and take a look at the grows rate of return minus two things, taxes, inflation, the hidden management fees. in the end, you will end up living off the net dollars that come into your pocket and household. >> another one not making sure that your budget can cover long
8:22 am
term care premiums. >> they buy it while they are employed. it can be 3, 5, $7,000 a year. you have to budget that going into your retirement years when you may be living on less money. >> this is a good one. not refinancing before you retire. our home value now? what is important here. >> our firm works with people that are close to or in retirement years. one of the things that we are recommending a lot of people to do today, is take a look with the attractive rates at refinancing your property into a lower rate. >> this is one i never thought about maybe because i'm not there yet but your car note. what do you need to do with your car note. get a new car what do you do. >> the average car today is 11 years old driving around out there. if you stop and think about it, if you retire at 65, you will probably need one or two new used cars in your family during your retirement years. take a look at getting that car
8:23 am
just right before you retire when you have a higher income. that way you can afford to drive the car during your retirement years. practice living as if you are retired. >> absolutely. >> never thought about that either. >> for how long should we do that. >> i recommend four are five months at least before you go about doing that. one of the key things, when you get ready to retire, suppose you get ready to retire in january of 2013, you need to meet with your financial advisor between now and then to model the cash flow. it's all about cash flow and making sure that your income is coming from a reliable source. >> there are more tips we didn't get to. how can folks -- is there a web site we can go connected with your firm. >> absolutely. our web site is larry we have all kinds of reports and we have our daily tool kit that we give away. we have given away thousands. it helps assess the cash flow and needs analysis. >> i think i need to get one of
8:24 am
those. i know enough i need one of those. >> this is larry rosenthal. go to our web site for all the information larry just mentioned and his web site as well. tony, over to you. >> great advice. we are afraid to do it. that's the issue. we know we are not doing enough. >> thank you both very much. it's 24 minutes after 8:00 on this monday morning. coming up next, rumors swirling about a big change for the next iphone. >> and the muslim holy month of ramadan started last week. melanie alnwick is learning more about this sacred time of the year including the importance of each sunset. wow, look at this bed! this nightstand! this wardrobe!
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[romney singing]: oh beautiful, for spacious skies, i'm barack obama and i approve this message. for amber waves of grain, for purple mountains majesty, above the fruited plain, america, america, god shed his grace on thee, and crowned thy good, with brotherhood...
8:27 am
change is often good when it comes to new tech gear but sometimes it can be a pain, too. reuters reports that apple's next the iphone will have a smaller connector. apple has not officially confirmed this report but the rumors have been swirling for several months. >> what is the point of that. >> more money for apple? forget the softer side of sears, that's one of their
8:28 am
slogans. they showed off a wild side at a pennsylvania mall. a bear cub wondered into the sears at pittsburgh mills mall in pennsylvania saturday. the store was open at the time and it sent customers scrambling. wildlife officers tranquilized the bear. nobody was hurt. the bear was wearing a collar possibly because it's part of a state research program tracking wildlife in urban areas. so, that means the bear was searching -- shopping for tools to get the collar off. >> does anybody know how to get this off? >> that's what he was doing. >> sears is known for tools. >> glad no one was hurt, the bear or people. coming up, waiting and watching. all eyes on the ncaa and penn state as the school gets set to learn its punishment. what is in store for the university? we will have details next. plus, talented young
8:29 am
athletes are making their way to baltimore this week. we are catching up with one group this morning. we have a live report from the track at prince george county high school. stay with us. [ mom ] dear chex cereal, i've never written a fan letter before, but you've done the impossible. you made gluten free cereals in a whole bunch of yummy flavors. cinnamon chex and honey nut chex are two of our favorites. when my husband found the chocolate one, we were in cereal heaven. the only problem is, with so many great flavors, you're making it very hard to choose. your fans, the mcgregor family. 'cause we love chex. ♪ [ male announcer ] and now try new gluten free apple cinnamon chex.
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awarded through it went to overseas companies. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
8:32 am
monday morning. the worst day of violence since the u.s. pulled out of iraq. reports say up to 200 people are injured in attacks around the country aimed at security forces. a wave of coordinated roadside bomb ahead, exploding cars and attacks killed 93 people. days ago the leader of al-qaeda warned that it would retake places that it was forced out of in iraq. the spectacular accused of killing 12 people in a colorado movie theater is expected to make his first appearance in court. officials say james holmes has not been cooperating with the investigation and that he remains in solitary confinement as a detention center.
8:33 am
authorities are looking into whether holmes used his position in a graduate program to collect hazardous materials. >> in about a half hour, we will find out if the ncaa will shut down penn state's football program for the scandal that rocked the university. former assistant football coach jerry sandusky is a waiting sentencing for abusing ten boys. punishment for the school is being slapped with a fine to having the football program eliminated temporarily or permanently. >> all right. here is tucker. >> good morning. >> amazing how cool it was saturday with the rain showers. >> man, it was. it was in the 60s. i went outside in a t-shirt and was chilly. i refused to go back and get a jacket but i probably should have. >> who did you refuse -- >> just myself. >> internal fight. >> it was chilly. >> upper 60s and low 70s,
8:34 am
amazingly how cool it can feel. we will be back in the low 90s. the summertime pattern is back intact for the week. >> okay. >> it won't be triple digits and not terribly comfortable either. >> it will be rainy-- >> a lot of humidity, yes. maybe afternoon thunderstorms the next couple of days. let's do headlines. 90s return today. high temperatures not excruciating. low to mid-90s. maybe 91, 92 at your house. maybe severe storms. that is a possibility. typical summertime weather with the possibility of a few storms today and a few could be on the strong side. lots of humidity. tony mentioned it. dew point and temperatures are in the 70s. that is never a combination for a comfortable day in washington. looks like wednesday will be the nicest of the week with highs in the upper 80s and less humidity around a cold front. wednesday looks great. 79 in washington. it's humid across the region.
8:35 am
77 annapolis. 75 in gaithersburg, dulles. these temperatures will warm up. we will be back in the 90s. yesterday the highs in the 80s. noticeably warmer temperatures than what we had around here yesterday. not a lot in the way of surface features. the high pressure has pushed off and the winds are out of the south and south and west. that means warmer more humid air being pumped in. we are watching this complex of showers off to the north and west. we think the showers and storms will get in here mid- to late afternoon. you will be dry, hazy and humid the first part of the day. 3:00, 4:00, 5:00 look for the possibility of scattered storms. as mentioned in your headlines, some of the storms could be strong. low to mid-90s today and tomorrow. better wednesday. we bones up to 80 thursday and friday with more humidity. typical summertime weather for the week here for the end of july. it is the end of july, i think. getting close. tony and allison, back to you?
8:36 am
>> thanks, tucker. >> last week of july. >> today, 23rd. the junior olympics can be a stepping stone for young athletes into the world of adult athletic competition. >> a group of talented track and field competitors are heading to a competition in baltimore. but they are stopping by a track in riverdale, maryland and that's where wisdom martin is with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, allison and tony. this is where they actually practice. we are talking about the full speed athletic team. we have competitive young people ages 7 to 18. very athletic. this is about more than athletics. we will talk to the head coach. pamela fitch, the head coach, thank you for talking to me. you are an attorney as well. we are keeping her out of court. we have to be quick. tell me how you got involved first of all with this team. >> i became involved as a parent. i wanted my daughter to run.
8:37 am
i was he name mored with the program that i volunteered. >> tell me about the program. >> it's more than a track team. it's movement. we are building leaders. we have at this point 99 athletes. some attend the best academic programs in the country for high school and middle school and lower schools and it's our desire to get our kids a full academic scholarship when that time comes. >> this is the 5th year. you are getting ready to go to the junior olympics in baltimore. >> the largest national track meet for young people will be held locally in baltimore. we are on our way. >> you have outstanding performers as well. you were telling me about a couple of them. you have record holders as well. >> national title holders. we have kids listed in the top three in the country at their age group in their division. we had tremendous success. >> i will get a couple to come and talk to me. we have two minutes left now.
8:38 am
the olympics actually start tomorrow and they will be at morgan state university. now, pam, tell me about this young lady. >> she is intermediate. she is a sophomore. she will do two individual events, 100 meter hurdles and the long jump. >> is it hard? >> no. >> so you will be competing in the junior olympics. tell me what that is like for you? >> this is -- i have been running since i was in the third grade. i'm excited. i get to do my two favorite events. i am ready to run and jump. >> are you going to win? >> i hope so. >> put you on the spot. >> 100 and 200. >> are you going to win? >> yes, hopefully. >> tell me about this program. what is it that you like coming out with the program. >> i have a lot of fun friends and fun to run track. >> you over here as well. tell me what you will be running. >> i will be running the 4 by 4 and the long jump. >> are you going to win?
8:39 am
>> yes. >> definitely, right. >> yes. >> tell me what you like about the program? >> i like to long jump and i like to have fun. >> cool. cool. thank you very much, ladies. you continue to workout and get yourselves ready. tell me about the junior olympics. it will be at morgan state university. it starts tomorrow. >> goes all week from opening ceremonies are tomorrow. there will be some races held today goes until sunday. kids from all over the country, from california, even kids sometimes from alaska and hawaii they come to compete. this is the largest event. it's sponsored by the usa tf. >> how do gets get involved -- kids get involved. >> go to www.full speed look up up and call us. we are open. my sister was a world class athlete and she is one of our coaches. we are ready, willing and prepared and taking this program and our kids to the
8:40 am
next level. >> you were talking about the academic side of this as well. at the me why it's important that you are out here doing this. this is the sports part of it. but tell us what happens within this to make it so important. >> first and foremost you have to be academically eligible. we have kids at the best schools. we have actually six girls from national cathedral, a gentleman from st. albans, two from landon, bullets, bishop make that marcia. the academic component is everything. if you can't master that, you can't take advantage of a scholorship. >> how much time do we have left? all the kids come over here. i am breaking up practice right now. i am breaking up practice. everybody will say hi to tony and allison and tucker, okay. they are at the studio sitting in the air conditioning while you guys are out here working getting ready for the olympics.
8:41 am
say hi to tony and allison. coaches, parents, say hi to tony and allison. ready, go. >> hi, tony and allison. >> hey, winners. >> they got some weather questions. i got weather questions. we are clinging the name. it's not ask the weather guy any more. >> it's still that for this week. we will answer those questions for them, wisdom. >> i got them for you. >> all right. >> i have the answer. yes, it will be hot. >> talented young people. >> the future right there. >> still ahead, excitement is building with the summer games in london days away. >> dozens fall ill at a rescue mission in denver. why they had to be rushed to the hospital. we have that coming up next. up release me, momigus! that's mom to you. and you should eat something that's good for you before you go outside. never! come on james. it's a new fiber one chewy bar. chocolatey and delicious. fiber one chewy bar, huh?
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a food poisoning outbreak at a rescue mish none denver sent four people to the hospital. turkey was donated to the center. emergency workers are worried that there could be more victims. 200 people ate the turkey dinner and left going back spot streets -- into the streets. the world's largest aids conference is underway in the
8:45 am
district. more than 20,000 scientists, people living with hiv and researchers are in the nation's capital for the vent which started yesterday. they are urging the world's government not to cut back on the fight against aids. scientists and doctors say they finally have the tools to stop the spread of this incurrable disease. the olympics start on friday and first lady michelle obama is outlining her trip as head of the u.s. delegation to the opening ceremonies. a 17-year-old had the chance to carry the olympic torch on one of london's famous land parks. the london eye is a giant ferris wheel. the girl who became famous for being the youngest person to ski to the south pole said it was an exhilarating experience. >> it was amazing. you get to the top and you can see across the whole london, amazing view and feeling. >> there she is. the footage doesn't give you
8:46 am
the whole thing. she is on top of the ferris wheel. >> the olympic torch arrived in london last friday and will be carried around the city's religion, political and royal landmarks. >> that is awesome. >> i could not have done that. >> i love that. >> okay. monday morning. still ahead, melanie joins us from sterling virginia. >> we have talked about the month of ramadan, the fasting and the sacrifice but we will talk about the delicious meals that they look forward to all day long as will as how the community is serving their neighbors and how you can get involved as well. we set our goals higher than anyone.
8:47 am
8:48 am
perdue is the first and the only chicken company to have usda process verified programs for fresh, all natural chicken. our chickens are not fed steroids or hormones. [ jim ] we raise our chickens cage-free. we're trying to make a better chicken. if you've got a business, you didn't build that. somebody else made that happen. my father's hands didn't build this company. my hands didn't build this company. through hard work and a little bit of luck, we built this business. why are you demonizing us for it? it's time we had somebody who believes in us. someone who believes that achievement should be rewarded not punished. we need somebody who believes in america.
8:49 am
[ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. ramadan kareem. that is how you wish someone goodwill during this islamic holy month in arabic. >> melanie alnwick is in sterling, virginia this morning with more on this.
8:50 am
good morning, melanie. >> good morning once again, tony. we are at the all dulles area muslim society. they are beginning their fourth day of ramadan here. it's not easy, i got to tell you. we will kick things off with eagle scout who will start the call to prayer. [singing] >> that is the call to prayer. that is what the muslims here know that that means their fast is over and they can finally have something to eat later on in the day. what a feast that they are able to have finally when the sun goes down. joining me now, tell me about the celebration that happens
8:51 am
every evening. >> the mosque hosts about 300 to 500 people every night to break their fasts. it's a great time to feel solidarity with one another but give back to the community where they live. the month of ramadan signals when the ability to self restrain from food and other things but to feel the daily day to day sufferings of people in need. >> tell me, this is the ishtar. >> we break with dates which are very central in our faith. it's nutritious. it's tradition of the prophet mohammed. after we break for prayer then come back and eat. we have to do it in a wise manner because you are fasting
8:52 am
from 4:30 a.m. until 8:30 then we have rice. muslims come from different and i diverse backgrounds. so, a kebab in the arab community they have coos coos. >> is it hard to stand here with this food around you knowing you haven't eaten since sunrise. >> you get used to it. i have been fasting since i was 15. i go to public schools where my friends are not muslim. they go to lunch. they are nice about it. not ever person in the household fasts. you have pregnant women or those that are sick don't have to fast. it's okay. it's part of the practice. >> you know you have a lovely meal to look forward to. >> you have to be ways about it. >> we want to talk to bob. you are on the board here with
8:53 am
adams. there is a local component to giving back as well. we are cognizant of what it's like to be hungry. we started herndon without hunger. we donate food to residents in this area, muslim or not. every thursday night we distribute food to anyone. what we want to do is make sure that the entire community has the access to various food products, be able to enjoy the same blessing that we do breaking our fast. so, we do this so that people throughout the community arable to have that same kind of pleasure that we get. >> this is every thursday night. >> it is. >> we will give you more information on that. before we are done, we want to come over here to the boy scout troop here at adams and we will talk to pricilla martinez. was it tough to get a boy scout troop started. >> it started before my time. 20 years ago with girl scouts,
8:54 am
a handful of girls. now there are over 300. >> the boy scout troop is doing an ishtar as well. >> we have local government officials join us as well as inner faith guests and the scouts will sing songs and receive awards that are recognized by the boy scouts of america. >> seems like an american tradition. you are a very progressive community here. >> we are. we are muslim and we are american. they are not incompatible. on august 12th we will have our annual interfaith. the minted eagle scout who was on earlier, we will have the installation and inauguration of the flagpole that he worked on as his eagle project for the u.s. flag and virginia flag and adams flag. >> what a fabulous
8:55 am
accomplishment. that is it for us here. if you want to learn more about ramadan, go to their web site or our web site, my foxx back to you guys. >> thank you very much. it's coming up on 8:55. next, decision day at penn state .  building pass, corporate card, verizon 4g lte phone.
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the global ready one ? yeah, but you won't need... ♪ hajimemashite. hajimemashite. hajimemashite. you guys like football ? thank you so much. i'm stoked. you stoked ? totally. ... and he says, "under the mattress."
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souse le matelas. ( laughter ) why's the new guy sending me emails from paris ? paris, france ? verizon's 4g lte devices are global-ready. plus, global data for just $25. only from verizon. right now an unprecedented punishment for penn state university. >> one day after happy valley bid farewell to a statue of coach joe paterno the school
8:59 am
will learn the fallout for turning a blind eye to the jerry sandusky scandal. this is a live look at ncaa headquarters where the president is expected to announce a series of blows against the nittany lions that could include a multiyear bowl ban, recruiting limits, probation and multimillion dollar fine. he would not rule out the so- called death penalty which would shut down the famed football program for a period of time. this comes from two weeks after an investigation found the school's top officials covered up sandusky in order to avoid bad publicity. >> we will bring you that when it appears. tucker barnes is downstairs with a look at the forecast on this monday. >> good morning. we are off to a warm and humid start to the day. our dew point temperatures are running in the 70s. lots of humidity. you will notice that. hazy afternoon with highs

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